Predict the Future

Monitoring that analyzes the past, present, and future of your infrastructure.

Why we're different

Systems Watch is a monitoring service that enables you to proactively scale your systems via machine learning. We take out the guess work and deliver actionable metrics and predictive analytics, allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

I started coding Systems Watch because every monitoring solution I ever implemented was tedious, overreaching, and cumbersome resulting in paralysis through analysis. Most monitoring systems are complex and unfocused rendering them useless for day to day use. I wanted a monitoring solution that could be implemented in seconds and not just tell me what is going on today but what is going to happen tomorrow, at a glance.

Phil Chen - Co-Founder of Systems Watch

Clear Concise Data

Get critical usage data quickly, to better understand your systems behavior without having to spot check hosts. Quickly see how code changes effect utilization of your systems, and scale.

Predicting the Future

Tap into AI machine learning algorithms that produce a mathematically backed view into the future of your systems usage. Understanding the future at different usage levels prepares you for scaling and budgeting purposes, allowing for proactive decision making.

Powerful Trending

At a glance view the history of your systems usage and compare it to milestones of future growth. You no longer have to cobble together graphs and data from various applications, but simply make decisions from one view.



  • Up To 30 Hosts
  • 13 months data retention
  • Historic Monitoring
  • Predictive Monitoring
  • Email Support


Starting at

  • All our Standard Plan features with more hosts